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An honourable project on our ancient Norse literature


PROJECT:SAGA wants to make our ancient Norse literature available in audiobook format. I've listened to a sample, and it's fantastic.

It is the musician and composer Thomas von Wachenfeldt (@vonwachenfeldt), born in Bergsjö in Hälsingland, who is behind PROJEKT:SAGA which you can support and read more about on Kickstarter. Thomas is a lecturer in music and researcher at Umeå University. He also runs Trad-Podden, a podcast about traditional fiddle music, and creates a lot of his own music. His latest album, to my knowledge Bridal Songs, a beautiful collection of traditional bridal suites from Hälsingland. But now he's also launched a fantastic Kickstarter project to record the literature of the Old Norse and make it available in audiobook format. The first work Thomas has set his sights on, with its pleasant voice and setting, is The fathers' god saga by Viktor Rydberg. Listen to a sample here: The Fathers' Saga of the Gods is a summary of Rydberg's research into Norse mythology, our God's Saga, an impressive research effort that took up almost ten years of his life. Here is what Rydberg himself wrote in the preface to the book in November 1887:
For the first time, the myths of our tribe are now handed over to Swedish youth as a coherent whole. A closer examination has shown that they formed a continuous saga, in which each myth, even if it was independent in its origin, was incorporated as a link in a chain, which begins with the rise of the world, the gods and the human race and ends with Ragnarök and the renewal of the world.
From my copy of the book from 1887
Thomas will also read in both the Younger and Older Edda, the latter of which is also called the Poetic Edda has been made available by Allmogens as a free e-book. If you would like to listen to more of our Old Norse literature as audiobooks, please support Thomas' Kickstarter project. For 200 kr you get each chapter as a high-resolution audio file, and the proceeds will thus be used by Thomas to build up an economic baseplate for the production of The fathers' god saga and upcoming audiobooks. Support PROJEKT:SAGA here, you'll be doing a real cultural thing.

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