"What 12 peasants cannot do, 12,000 can do."

The words are written in Vilhelm Moberg's fantastic novel "Ride in the Night!", and put a finger on the strength that comes from organisation. Together we can move mountains, and do amazing things to preserve our Swedish history and the knowledge of our old Nordic culture, our traditions and the Swedish peasant freedom - our roots.

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As a member you contribute with 2 crowns a day to the preservation of our fathers' memories - for future generations Choose whether you want to pay the membership fee annually (730 SEK) or monthly (60 SEK).

730 kr / year 60 kr / month

Monthly membership is automatically renewed. You can change or cancel your membership at any time on the My account. It is also possible to make a one-off gift or bequeath to Allmogens.

Every penny that is raised goes to continue and expand the Allmogens work to preserve and pass on knowledge of the history, culture and heritage of freedom in Sweden.

Hi! My name is Daniel Sjöberg and at the end of 2015 I initiated this public education project that aims to keep the memory of our ancestors alive. The project was then called Project Moberg and was named after one of my great role models, the libertarian soul Vilhelm Moberg - one of our greatest writers, angriest social critics and foremost popular depictors of the life and struggle for freedom of the common people in Sweden through the centuries.

Today the project lives on under the name Allmogens, but the goal is the same: to bring to life and pass on knowledge of our Swedish history and our ancient peasant culture - a culture founded on the Swedish peasant freedom whose roots spread down into the Nordic jungle all the way back to the grey ancient times.

I would like to invite you here and now who value your roots to become one of Allmogens Friends and thereby support our free and independent public education work on our Swedish history and Nordic culture. Our work is based on a tremendous reverence for, and gratitude to, the countless generations who lived before us in what we now call Sweden and the Nordic countries.

A reverence for ordinary people. Those who cleared the Swedish primeval forest, those who ploughed the earth and sowed the fields, those who were forced to mix bark in their bread when food was not enough, those who starved, froze and fought against the barren Nordic nature, those who were forced to die on the battlefields in the countless wars of the superiors, those who were survived all this. Our ancestors.

You and I both know that we must cherish, protect and value both our history and our heritage - if we want to keep them. At this critical juncture in our history, when so much is taken for granted, you as a member are making a significant contribution to our ability to do so. What 12 farmers can't do, 12,000 can.

As a member of Allmogens Friends you contribute 2 SEK a day to the preservation of your ancestors' memories by Allmogens SEK 2 a day to protect the independence of the Swedish cultural heritage from meddlesome politicians.SEK 2 a day for your ancestors - and your descendants.

Everything has its explanation in history. It gives us roots and belonging. But our history can also provide comfort and guidance.

Herman Lindqvist / Popular historian

What you get as a member

  • Membership newsletter where you can go behind the scenes and get member-exclusive updates on Allmogens ongoing popular education work
  • Your name, hometown and region written down, if you like of course, in a leather-bound register of Allmogens Friends, which will be preserved for future generations at our headquarters.
  • 20% discount on Allmogens own products in the shop here at Allmogens.se, including all historical maps, posters and our own Allmogens Almanac.
  • 10% discount on the rest of the range where you can expect a growing selection of Swedish craftsmanship and quality goods in the future from well-known and lesser-known manufacturers.
  • Unexpected surprises from time to time. Or how about member-exclusive draws for exciting antiques, activities and ancient finds dating back thousands of years(!).

But of course the most important thing for you is the knowledge that you are actively contributing to preserving the memory of your ancestors and enriching our society with a better understanding of our history and our cultural roots.

I hope you will accept this invitation. It will mean a lot to our work if you do, and we are sure it will mean a lot to you too.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,
Daniel Sjöberg, Allmogens founder

The history of our commonwealth bears witness to the value which the peoples of the earth placed on freedom; it is the history of struggles and sacrifices of life in the cause of its preservation.

Vilhelm Moberg / Author

Become a member today

As a member you contribute with 2 crowns a day to the preservation of our fathers' memories. Choose whether you want to pay the membership fee annually (730 SEK) or monthly (60 SEK).

730 kr / year 60 kr / month

Monthly support membership is automatically renewed. You can of course cancel or change your membership at any time for any reason, on the My account.