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Memories of heathland belief and cult in Norrlandic place names

How long have Thor, Odin, Seed and other Old Norse gods been worshipped in Norrland? Johan Nordlander's [...]

Gällersta ancient farm

Johan Lindström Saxon (1859-1935) writes about Gällersta ancient farm in the Swedish Tourist Association's yearbook 1930. Yet [...]

I've been dreaming...

A poem from Dan Andersson's collection of poems Black Ballads, published in 1917.

Winter rest

From Erik Axel Karlfeldt's collection of poems Flora and Bellona published in 1918.

Mandom, mod och morske män

Richard Dybeck's song, also known as Orsamarsch, in the version from Ny Visbok af B. [...]

Dalkarla song

Poem written by the military man and member of parliament Gustaf Nyblæus (1816-1902) when he was a lieutenant in the Dal Regiment [...]

To a youngster

Poem published in 1810 in the Journal for Literature and Theatre, to which Tegnér sent this poem [...]

The hunter's lullaby

A poem from Dan Andersson's collection of poems Black Ballads (1917), published three years before his [...]

In the long term

A text by the publicist and anti-Nazi Torgny Segerstedt from 12 January 1924, in which he [...]

Speech and silence

Song by Erik Gustaf Geijer composed 1830-1840.