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Memories of heathland belief and cult in Norrlandic place names

How long have Thor, Odin, Seed and other Old Norse gods been worshipped in Norrland? Johan Nordlander's [...]

Gällersta ancient farm

Johan Lindström Saxon (1859-1935) writes about Gällersta ancient farm in the Swedish Tourist Association's yearbook 1930. Yet [...]

I've been dreaming...

A poem from Dan Andersson's collection of poems Black Ballads, published in 1917. [...]

Winter rest

From Erik Axel Karlfeldt's collection of poems Flora and Bellona published in 1918. [...]

Mandom, mod och morske män

Richard Dybeck's song, also known as Orsamarsch, in the version from Ny Visbok af B. [...]

Dalkarla song

Poem written by the military man and member of parliament Gustaf Nyblæus (1816-1902) when he was a lieutenant in the Dal Regiment [...]

To a youngster

Poem published in 1810 in the Journal for Literature and Theatre, to which Tegnér sent this poem [...]

The hunter's lullaby

A poem from Dan Andersson's collection of poems Black Ballads (1917), published three years before his [...]

In the long term

A text by the publicist and anti-Nazi Torgny Segerstedt from 12 January 1924, in which he [...]

Speech and silence

Song by Erik Gustaf Geijer composed 1830-1840. [...]