Vad gör Allmogens?

An old man is mending nets, Ulvön in Västernorrland. Photo: Viktor Lundgren / Nordic Museum (CC BY-NC-ND)

With love for our roots

Denna verksamhet föddes ur en idé. En idé så simpel, och sedan urminnes tid så naturlig, men som i dessa tider kan framstå som närmast radikal. Det är idén att roots matter.

That our history, our Swedish cultural heritage, indeed the very memory of our ancestors and their endeavours is not only worth preserving but also something to revere and feel proud of.

Our history provides us with invaluable knowledge and reference points to navigate and understand the present - and to step into the future on a solid foundation. We have a right to our history, and our ancestors deserve a truthful account of their lives, their aspirations, their struggle for freedom, their actions, thoughts and traditions. Driven by this conviction, we work to keep the history of the Swedish common people alive.

Here we bring our dead back to life.

/ Daniel Sjöberg, Allmogens founder

It cannot be said often enough that our people on the whole are still very fortunate in comparison with other peoples of our continent. And in order to get comparisons from our own country, we should look back in heavy days like these and remember our ancestors' existence, our ancestors' struggles and problems - we should recall how their lives were shaped in hard times, similar to our own times. For our history is both a good teacher and a good source of strength - as we shall soon find out.

Vilhelm Moberg / Author

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