Write for Allmogens

Portrait of the author Stieg Trenter (1914-1967) at his typewriter smoking a pipe. Photo: K.W. Gullers / Nordic Museum (CC BY-NC-ND)

Want to help bring the dead back to life?

That's what we do here at Allmogens, by sharing our Swedish history, our Nordic cultural heritage, the lives of our ancestors. If you enjoy writing and are as passionate about your roots as we are, you are welcome to apply to be our newest writer!

Not just any story

Here at Allmogens we are not in the business of just any history writing. We aim to highlight - not the history of kings, politicians or eternal wars - but allmogens history and popular culture, and our ancestors' quest for happiness, peace and freedom over the centuries.

Suggested topics to write about

  • Historical events and eras
  • Cultural and historical sights
  • Cultural and historical personalities
  • Folklore, folk tales and legends
  • Festivals and traditions
  • Allmogekultur
  • Our heritage of freedom from ancient times to the kings of the nations, Engelbrekt and Nils Dacke


We receive some money through donations and the shop and can therefore now offer you who contribute to our public education work some payment for each published text. As before, you will of course also gain eternal credit for your cultural achievement.

Local community association? A warm welcome!

Members of local associations are welcome to contribute on behalf of the association with knowledge about your local heritage and historic sites. In this way, more people can learn about the history of your home village, and the association also gets a boost in its coffers!

Ready to become a writer? Contact me!

Send an email to daniel@allmogens.se and tell us what you want to write about!

/ Daniel Sjöberg


If we put ourselves into the lives of our fathers, we find that they have had to make infinitely greater sacrifices for the country than we Swedes living today have yet had to make. We then find that our people have been sorely afflicted and in great distress many times in their history. Many times their lives have been threatened. But it has survived - it has always been able to save its leisure time and its future. This fact can now give us, its descendants, a firm confidence, it can give us new strength to endure.

Vilhelm Moberg / speaks at the Defence Loan Party in Karlstad 15 March 1942