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Allmogens work for our heritage and culture is of great importance to many Swedes, and sometimes we get questions about how to support Allmogens. We are happy to accept gifts and you decide the size of the gift. A gift to Allmogens, large or small, actively supports and engages with our heritage and helps to ensure its continued existence for future generations.

The best way to support Allmogens work is to becoming a member i Allmogens Friends, you also get great benefits. If you prefer to make a one-off gift, there are several ways to do so below. You can also make a memorial gift or bequest to Allmogens, if you want to continue making a difference long after your own or someone else's death.

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Through your support, you help to preserve and pass on knowledge about our Swedish history, our Nordic culture and the cultural heritage of the Swedish people, and enable Allmogens daily work for the motto: Peace, freedom and justice - for all time.

Your support, however small or large, makes a difference. It means more video reports, articles, stories and poems, more editorial material, more podcasts, more direct efforts to save cultural heritage, but most of all it helps us reach many more people with our story.

I feel very honoured and humbled that so many people appreciate Allmogens. Your reverence for our history, our roots, our freedom, gives me hope for the future.

Thank you!

Daniel Sjöberg