Wills, inheritance and memorial gifts

1949: Woman carrying two children in a newly mown field in Vårgårda, Västergötland. Photo: KW Gullers / Nordic Museum (CC BY-NC-ND)

Make a cultural contribution far beyond your death

When you bequeath a gift or make a memorial gift to the benefit of Allmogens you can be sure that your gift will benefit our Swedish and Nordic cultural heritage, our history and our descendants for many years to come.

How it works

Allmogens can receive by will, for example, cash, securities, real estate, condominiums and movable property. Whatever your gift, you can be sure that it will contribute to our work of preserving and bringing to life the knowledge of our Swedish history, our Nordic cultural heritage, our traditional crafts and our still very much alive traditions.

Wills to Allmogens written to

Allmogens Norden AB
Brynge 130
89395 Sidensjö
Orgnr 559236-8053

To think about

There are certain formal requirements to meet when writing your will. The will must be in writing, dated, signed and witnessed by two people present at the same time. The witnesses must not be related to you and must not be named as beneficiaries in the will. You can download a legally valid model will with further instructions here.

Memorial gifts

With a memorial gift you can honour the memory of a loved one. To make a memorial gift, make your contribution to Allmogens BankGiro: 5437-8823 or Swish: 123 258 97 29 and enter the name of the person you wish to honour. You can download and print it yourself memorial magazine or contact Daniel by email: daniel@allmogens.seand he will send it to you.

See memorial gifts here

Contact us

You are welcome to contact Daniel if you have any questions about wills or memorial gifts. Either by phone 0706569042 or email daniel@allmogens.se.