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News about our Swedish and Nordic history and culture, our cultural heritage, and cultural policy.

Small bluebell voted Sweden's national flower

81,000 personer har sagt sitt i omröstningen som pågått sedan januari. Campanula rotundifolia, liten blåklocka, [...]

Vote for Sweden's national flower

Since January, Sweden's national flower has been on the rise. Ten of Sweden's most beautiful flowers are taking part in the final round. [...]

Did Scandinavians live in Iceland earlier than previously thought?

Archaeologists excavating a Viking Age longhouse in Iceland have discovered an older building [...]

Allmogens Almanac 2021 is here

An almanac about the commemorative days of the Swedish community, important historical events and our traditional [...]

Why are Sweden's centuries-old bell towers burning?

Another small piece of our beautiful cultural heritage has gone up in smoke. The night of [...]

Greetings, look here!

Now it is the turn of the proud greeters to get their hands on a landscape map [...]

Södra Råda old church soon to be rebuilt - entirely with medieval techniques

The reconstruction of the old church of Södra Råda in Visnum, Värmland, is making rapid progress. The summer [...]

Three new landscape maps in the shop

I continue to expand the range of landscape maps. Nothing more fun than seeing all the place names in [...]

Listen to the beautiful dialect of your home village on the Dialect Map

The Institute for Languages and Folklore, a government agency that collects, preserves and researches [...]

Småländsk forest village becomes a cultural reserve

The Småland village of Stensjö, north of Oskarshamn, recently became the first cultural reserve in Kalmar County. [...]