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I continue to expand the range of landscape maps. There is nothing more fun than seeing all the place names in the area that have survived for generations, centuries, millennia! Now you can find old maps of Skåne, Västmanland and Södermanland in the shop.

All three maps date from the 18th century, probably the second half of the century, and are executed in a similar style. Take a look:

  • Map of Södermanland, the land of the southerners, was published by the surveyor E. Geringius at the Lantmäteriet.
  • Map of Västmanland, the land of the Westerners, was published by the Royal Survey Office under the direction of G. Burman. 
  • Map of Skåne was also published by a G. Burman at the Royal Survey Office.

More great landscape maps are on the way. Hälsingland. Halland. Gotland. Soon even you Härjedalings will hopefully be satisfied, you who seem to be much more locally patriotic than average because you ask and ask!

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