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Dialect map
Dialect map

The Institute for Languages and Folklore, a government agency that collects, preserves and researches dialects, place names, personal names and folk memories, has now launched a nice dialect map where you can listen to old recordings from different parts of the country.

At Dialect map you can now find several hundred old recordings of dialects around Sweden. Eventually there will be thousands. The dialect map is part of Isof's ambition to make the agency's extensive archive collections available to the public.

Read more about the news here in the Institute's press release.

The fun part is that you not only get to hear the dialects, but also fantastic local stories, biographies and legends. When I zoom down to my fathers' ancestral settlements in Anundsjö, Ångermanland, I find an interview with Märta Mårtensson (born 1878) made in 1955 by Folke Hedblom. There is talk of farm life, what a maid's working week might be like, Christmas celebrations, superi, harvesting rye, whitewash, and more.

"We have received a lot of help from local societies and genealogists in identifying the people who appear in the material more closely. Thanks to them, we can supplement the recorded material with photographs and information about the speakers as the work progresses. This makes the Dialect Map a real treasure trove for anyone curious about voices from the past from a particular area, or perhaps even from an old relative."

Lena Wenner, Dialect Map Project Manager.

Since earlier the institute also has a Legend map, and of course Allmogens has our own ever growing History map. Their maps are highly recommended for those who want to delve into our common cultural treasure, showing the amazing diversity of our culture and history.

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