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Small bluebell voted Sweden's national flower


81,000 people have had their say in the vote, which has been running since January. Campanula rotundifolia, small bluebell, is Sweden's first national flower.

As I wrote the other day the Swedish Botanical Society has taken the initiative to vote for Sweden's national flower. Today, 13 March, the winner was announced, after over 81,000 people voted in the two polls. 58,000 votes were cast in the final.

So which flowers are the Swedes' favourites? In addition to the winner, the linnea flower, marsh violet and coltsfoot (tussilago) stood out. I actually voted for the coltsfoot. But bluebells are beautiful too, so I'm not complaining.

Finalists' ranking:

  1. little bluebell
  2. linnea
  3. Stygian violet
  4. horseshoe
  5. Midsummer flowers
  6. strawberry
  7. lingonberry
  8. forest star
  9. red clover
  10. blueberries

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