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1952: Unknown woman picking coltsfoot, probably in Uppland. Photo: Uppsala-Bild / Upplandsmuseet (CC BY-NC-ND)

Since January, Sweden's national flower has been on the rise. Ten of Sweden's most beautiful flowers are taking part in the final round. Which is your favourite?

On 12 March, Sweden's national flower will be chosen, and the winner will be crowned on 13 March. I'm late to the party and have actually completely missed this initiative, but now I too have voted. You can vote here.

The initiators of the vote are Swedish Botanical Society, an association founded in 1907 and today has 2200 members who work for increased knowledge and protection of wild plants in Sweden.

The finalists. Illustrations from The Flora of the North C.M Lindman. Photo: the Swedish Botanical Society

Thirty flowers participated in the first round, which were whittled down to ten of our most beloved flowers for the final round. Here are the ten flowers you can vote for:

  1. Blueberry - Vaccinium myrtillus
  2. Horseshoe - Tussilago farfara
  3. Lingonberry - Vaccinium vitis-idaea
  4. Linnea - Linnaea borealis
  5. Small bluebell - Campanula rotundifolia
  6. Midsummer flowers - Geranium sylvaticum
  7. Red clover - Trifolium pratense
  8. Forest Star - Lysimachia europaea
  9. Smultron - Fragaria vesca
  10. Moray violet - Viola tricolor

Which would you like to see as Sweden's national flower? Vote here!

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