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Living: 1828 - 1895

Place of birth: Jönköping

Viktor Rydberg was a Swedish writer, bard, journalist, linguist, philosopher of religion, translator and cultural historian.

Rydberg was one of Sweden's most important writers at the end of the 19th century, between Carl Jonas Love Almqvist and August Strindberg. Some of his most famous works are Singoalla and the poem Santa Claus.

Rydberg is also known for the poem Bethlehem's Star, set to music by Alice Tegnér, which begins with the words "Glän över sjö och strand" (Shine over the lake and beach).

The care tree

To Agathe and Richert von Koch.

Santa Claus

Originally published in Ny Illustrerad Tidning 1881.

The fathers' god saga. Told to the youth

Viktor Rydberg (1828-1895) wrote The Saga of the Fathers as a summary of his research into the [...]