Anundshög with a couple of the five ship mounts visible. Photo by Christer Johansson (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Anundshög is Sweden's largest ancient burial mound, 9 m high and 64 m in diameter. Estimated to have been built 500-700 AD. Folk tradition says that King Bröt-Anund rests there, but the grave has never been excavated.

Anundshög (or Anund's mound) is the name of a large mound on the outskirts of Västerås, Badelunda parish, Västmanland, and also the name of the ancient monument area in which the mound is located, covering an area of about 200×200 metres. Today it is one of Sweden's richest and largest ancient monument areas.

In ancient times, the entire settlement was a cultural centre for western Mälaren and one of the hubs of trade during the Viking Age. In the area of ancient monuments, 42 archaeological remains have been found, consisting of 12 burial mounds, 10 round stone settlements, 5 ship settlements, 14 standing stones and 1 rune stone, the Vs 13 rune stone.

The stones marking Eriksgatan towards the ford in the east. Photo by Christer Johansson (CC BY-SA 2.5)

As early as the Stone Age, around 4500 years ago, our ancestors began to settle on the long Badelundaåsen, which was formed when the ice sheet retreated. Together with the Dalälven, the ridge has historically been the most important routes up to upper Dalarna, and many people therefore passed Anundshög on their trade journeys. Anundshög became a centre of power where people still gathered to do things nearly 4000 years later in the Middle Ages.

1913: Women sitting at the rune stone at Anundshög during a local community meeting. Photo: Filip Eriksson / Västmanland County Museum

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Coordinates: Latitude 59.6304285 | Longitude 16.6449689

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