The upper wall, looking south. Photo: Mikael Lindmark / CC BY-SA 3.0

The ancient castle on Borgberget, also called Stensättersborgen, towers 190 metres above sea level in Ytterlännäs parish in Ångermanland and is one of Norrland's 23 known ancient castles.

From Stensättersborgen you have a beautiful view of the Ångermanälven estuary and Bollstabruk out on the coast 3 km away. What makes the ancient castle on Borgberget particularly unique among Norrland's ancient castles is that it has the highest and most well-preserved wall. The castle hill slopes steeply on all sides except to the southeast where it is flatter. There, instead, you come across a 135-metre long, cold-walled stone wall that is up to 2.5 metres high and 4 metres wide in places. Inside the ancient castle there are traces of two house foundations and also a hollowed-out spring from which fresh water was drawn.

The opening in the upper wall, overlooking Bollstabruk at Bollstafjärden. Photo: Mikael Lindmark / CC BY-SA 3.0

The wall has a two-metre wide entrance opening to the south, and below it is a second, more irregular wall 45 metres long, 2-3 metres wide and up to one metre high. To the south-west, the ends of both walls end at a precipice. Below the shorter wall are also what the National Heritage Board believes to be the remains of a third wall.

Norrland's 23 registered remains of ancient fortresses, which testify to an Iron Age that was anything but peaceful. Map: Swedish National Heritage Board

No archaeological excavations have taken place in or around the ancient castle. No precise dating has therefore been done, but this ancient castle probably dates from the same time as many other of Norrland's ancient castles, i.e. 300-700 AD. During an archaeological excavation at another ancient castle in Ångermanland, Rogstaklippen, charcoal remains were found that could be dated to around 400-550 AD.

Getting there

The castle mountain is most easily reached via a path that starts at a forest road heading north from the village of Stensätter, after which the ancient castle has been given one of its names.

Coordinates: Latitude 63.0118196 | Longitude 17.6233454

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