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Granhult Church - a cultural heritage treasure

In central Småland there is an area that is unusually rich in old and well-preserved country churches. [...]


The ancient castle on Borgberget, also called Stensättersborgen, towers 190 metres above the sea in Ytterlännäs [...]

Bårby castle

The ancient castle of Bårby on southern Öland in Mörbylånga parish was built during the Migration period in the 400-700s and [...]


Anundshög is Sweden's largest ancient burial mound, 9 m high and 64 m in diameter. Probably [...]


Götavirke is a more than 3.5 km long defensive wall from the Viking Age that runs in a north-south direction [...]


Kiviksgraven, "Kungagraven", Bredarör, is an approximately 3400 year old grave on Österlen in Södra Mellby [...]

Kronoberg Castle

Kronobergs slott är en slottsruin i Växjö socken, Konga härad, Småland, i Växjö kommun. Kronobergs [...]

Uppsala mounds - Kungshögarna

Uppsala högar, eller Kungshögarna, är tre gravhögar i Gamla Uppsala fornlämningsområde som restes under yngre [...]

Fågelsjö Gammelgård "Beyond Åa"

Fågelsjö Gammelgård, or "Bortom Åa" as it is also called, is a Hälsingland farm in Fågelsjö, Orsa [...]

Kvilleken - a 1000-year-old giant

The Kvilleken is a 1000-year-old giant, one of Europe's largest trees and, according to Eksjö municipality, the [...]