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The deeper meaning of Nordic Christmas

Nordic Christmas

Here's a Christmas greeting to Project Allmogens's kinsmen, and we don't dwell on the deeper, original meaning of the Nordic Christmas.

Christmas is about something so much bigger than material things like presents, Christmas dinner, Christmas tree or Donald Duck. There is a deeper meaning behind this most beautiful of Nordic traditions, and some threads in this cultural web of Christmas traditions stretch back many thousands of years into our ancient times.

The idea was that we would explore these threads together in a big special episode, but as I say in the video, it just got too busy, to the point where it affected the holy peace of Christmas here at home. But grieve not, for there will be other Christmases when we can explore the history of Christmas together. Of course, you never know what those Christmases will be like, or even if you'll live to spend another Christmas with your family.

That's why I'm checking out now and taking an all-first Christmas break with Project Allmogen, to find peace with family - without mobile or other screens. But also to sketch out plans for 2018. The farm work will be planned to get my little farm back on its feet, and then of course the work on this project.

See you after the Thirteenth of January on 6 January, the day when Swedish farming society's old ban on "wandering" (watch the video and you'll understand!) traditionally ends.

Merry Christmas from me to all of you who follow Project Allmogen, especially to your esteemed supporting members who make this project possible, but also to all of you who have supported the project by purchasing an almanac or map.

I look forward to the coming year and all the stories, traditions and historical events we will explore together.

Peace be with you!

Background music in the video: Erik Svansbo - Julpolska by Påhl Olle

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