The Swedish farmer and his homestead

A contribution to the history of the Swedish Ommogens

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This work by J. M. Bergman deals with the history of the Swedish Ommogene and is one of the sources for Alfred Kämpe's The struggle for freedom of the Swedish OmmogensIn 1856, the first edition of the book was published and was considered "oppositional" because it went against the prevailing historiography, which only gave space to kings, nobility and wars.

The rare book was scanned by the Royal Library in Stockholm on behalf of Projekt Moberg, and the scanned material was then processed by Projekt Moberg into this e-book. The old font makes the book difficult to read, but it is possible for the motivated.

"When one reads famous works in our Swedish history, one soon realises to one's astonishment how the author has occupied himself mainly with kings, court, war, nobility and priests, and only in passing has mentioned the Commonwealth, which, though the foundation of society, seems destined to be suppressed and forgotten, but from which the others are recruited and which finally remains when the other has degenerated and disappeared" - J. M. Bergman

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