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We are at the finish line!

Project Moberg is finished!

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Den första kritiska milstolpen är nu passerad i och med att vi nått 20,000 kronor i insamlingen på Kickstarter, och digitaliseringen av Svenska allmogens frihetsstrider är garanterad. Det tog inte mer än 3 dagar att nå så här […]

The first critical milestone has now been passed as we have reached 20,000 crowns in the fundraising on Kickstarter, and the digitisation of the Swedish polymath's freedom struggles is guaranteed.

It took no more than 3 days to get this far, which should be a testament to how strong the seedbed of freedom is in Sweden, despite centuries of state oppression and indulgence.

Project Moberg would not have been possible without you, the generous individuals who volunteered your support. We are pleased that neither state coercion nor violence has been used against our fellow human beings to fund the project. Freedom works! Thank you to those of you who have supported us so far, you know who you are.

The biggest risk to the project at this point would be if the state were to organise book burnings for ideologically deviant books like this one before we have time to complete the work. But if the values commissioners come knocking, we promise to do everything we can to protect the book. If need be, we will choose the last option available when justice is not found in society, it is sought in the forest instead.

But there are 34 days left of the campaign! What happens now?

We will share more of our plans for Project Moberg, such as examples of more books we will make available as free e-books.

You'll also see crazy examples of politicians' and lords' contempt for the people, a contempt that is one of the reasons we decided to launch Project Moberg.

Of course, we'll continue to urge those of you who haven't yet taken the plunge to support us to do so, because more money means we'll be able to do even more to revive and preserve the freedom of the omnipresent.

For example, if we reach the ideal goal of 30,000 SEK, we will be able to upgrade to the ultimate equipment so that we can scan books in the same high archival quality as the actual The Internet Archive. We are talking about digitisations that are really worth cherishing by future generations.

If you haven't already supported us, you can read more about the project here, and if you find it worthy, please feel free to contribute.

In addition to the honour, you can have your very own message board:


For many centuries in Sweden, messengers were used to carry royal edicts to the villages, but messengers were also secretly passed from hand to hand among the peasants themselves to start rebellions and call meetings.

Not only does your support help to promote freedom in Sweden, but you are also writing yourself into the history of Swedish freedom, in the year when once again the message boards were sent out across Sweden's many landscapes and peoples.

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