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Podd: Trees, ancient castles and a Småland emigrant in New York

Emigration letter 245 of the Emigration Inquiry
Emigration letter 245 of the Emigration Inquiry

In the latest episode of the podcast Allmogen we talk about pine trees, ancient castles, totalitarian cultural (revolutionary) politics and emigration letters from a Småland emigrant.

New episode out where podcasts are, and on Youtube! As usual, you will hear an old emigrant letter from Emigration inquiry, from the very first years of the 20th century - written by a Smålander and read by the Smålander Jon Nylander (chairman of Ludwig von Mises Institute in Sweden) now over 100 years later.

There is also talk care tree and one of the great wonders of the world that runs criss-cross through little Småland. There will also be some talk about History map and totalitarian cultural (revolutionary) politics.

Articles mentioned concerning cultural policy:
The ideologisation of cultural heritage continues
New director at the History Museum

I also address the future of this podcast at the end. In short, there are not an infinite number of emigrant letters I can share, and therefore the format of the podcast will change in the future.

What the episodes will look like and what they will contain I do not know yet, and therefore the podcast in its current form will from now on be on the back burner in terms of priority. Instead, I will focus most of my time on video episodes on Allmogens youtube channel. In those episodes, we delve into a single historical topic in moderately long and digestible episodes (which will also be released in audio format in the podcast).

First off, let's explore servitude in the Nordic countries.

When one thinks of slavery, some people who have perhaps spent a little too much time on anti-colonial "whiteness studies" would like one to think of the eternal original sin of the "white man" and his guilt for all the evils that have occurred throughout world history.

But the fact is that most of us with Swedish roots also have slaves, servants, among our ancestors. We will learn more about the slaves and their unfreedom in the next episode, which I will release now in May. ">Subscribe to the Youtube channel so as not to miss future episodes, including this summer's planned adventure to some of Ångermanland's ancient monuments.

Then we'll see how fast I can keep up. A new video every two weeks seems like a reasonable goal, and as promised, when we reach 500 support members I will be able to release a new video every week without risking poverty and homelessness for me and my family. We are currently on the verge of passing 200 members, which warms my heart somewhat enormously. With small steps, we are taking ourselves to greater heights! "Alone you can do nothing. Together you can do anything." as Sigga said in Vilhelm Moberg's novel Ride tonight!

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