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Free Dictionary: the Fribour


Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Dags för ett till ord ur Frihetlig ordbok, där vi återupplivar gamla ord och begrepp ur svenska språket som vi känner kan göra gott här i fablernas land. Förra ordet var Herrehyllare. Dagens ord är Friboren; att vara […]

Time for another word from Liberal dictionary, where we revive old words and concepts from the Swedish language that we feel can do good here in the land of fables.

The last word was Lord Shelters. Today's word is Friboren; to be born self-reliant and free in body and mind.

For example, in the Sweden of the 2010s, there was not a single freeborn man or woman left. From cradle to grave, they were monitored, controlled, regulated and directed.the life of the subjects was controlled in every detail by the state autocracy. There was almost no human activity that was not regulated or taxed by the sovereign.

From The Tales of Ensign Steel by Johan Ludvig Runeberg:

"Freethinkers I mentioned, it is my honor;
I am a freeborn, and I think freely."

From Frithiofs saga by Esaias Tegnér:

"The Friboren one does not want to fold,
For the world belongs to the free."

If you want to take libertarian language one step further, check out Free, a site that makes ingenious new interpretations of words, and even invents new ones, to make sense of the world we live in.

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