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Go on an ancient excursion this summer

1934: The Fornminnesförening's excursion to Skalunda hög in Skalunda parish, Kållands härad, Västergötland. Intendent S. Welin rests in "stengärsgårn". Photo: Erik Hjorthén / Västergötland Museum

For many, it's still time to relax and enjoy the holidays. This year may not have gone as planned, but what's the point when you can do woodwork, garden and rediscover your home? I'd like to challenge you to take a trip back in time and go on an ancient excursion!

From north to south, there are countless ancient monuments in Sweden that bear witness to our many thousands of years of history and culture here in the Nordic countries. Carvings, cairns, ancient castles and mounds that for most people are undiscovered or invisible.

Take the opportunity during the rest of this summer to head out into the woods and countryside to get acquainted with ancient settlements, burial grounds and rune stones that are probably a stone's throw from where you live or where you have camped. 

1924: Boys at a prehistoric rock carving from the Bronze Age in Stora Herrebro, Östergötland. Photo: Arthur Nordén / Riksantikvarieämbetet

It's a chance to explore the almost mythical, bygone Stone and Bronze Ages and the harsh Iron Age - an adventure for young and old alike, and one that is often followed by a visit to a museum where amazing archaeological finds paint an imaginative picture of strange cultures and inspiring deeds.

1912: Woman at the ancient castle Borgberget in Segersta, Hälsingland. Photo: Gustaf Hallström / Riksantikvarieämbetet

Pack your picnic basket, fill your thermos to the brim and grease up the little ones and if you are on instagram, feel free to share your Ancient Excursion by tagging your pictures with @allmogens #forntidsutflykt

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