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All culture comes from Sweden

Germanic kingdoms in 526
Germanic kingdoms in 526 AD. Source: Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd

Did the headline catch your attention? That's the interesting conclusion of the historical journal Bronze and Blood in his study of our ancestors the history of the Germans, i.e. our history.

That all culture originated in Sweden is of course a rather sensationalist statement. But it's not as unrealistic as the self-mutilating notion that all culture comes from outside, that we have nothing we can call our own.

No, there is actually something very concrete in that. At least if you look at Western culture. Just look at this map of countries in the world that have a Germanic language as their official language:

Over 600 million people currently have a Germanic language as a native speaker. English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, all are the languages that originated from urgermanskan that emerged in Scandinavia during the Iron Age. The languages then spread and branched out across Europe and the world with the Germanic tribes that emigrated from Scandinavia after the end of the Bronze Age.

This and more like Bronze and blood highlights in his interesting study is what underlies the conclusion that might make one or two deniers of our own culture cringe:

So it must be called the greatest understatement in world history to say that we have no culture in Sweden and that everything comes from outside. Rather, it is the other way around. All culture comes from Sweden.

Bronze and blood

A slightly more nuanced observation is that a large part of the west culture actually originated in Scandinavia. That's pretty cool.

Read more about the Germanic tribes from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age in Bronze and Blood.

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