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1913: Unique video clips from Stockholm - now in colour

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The year is 1913, a year before the Great War broke out and changed the world. The spirit of the future is palpable on the streets of Stockholm. Now you can enjoy 6 minutes of unique, old video clips from Stockholm in colour.

Look at the faces, the clothes, the movements, the children. What do you see? More than anything else, I think I see hope for the future in people. Happy, curious Swedes with straight backs and heads held high. Hard-working people who laid the foundations for Sweden's prosperity in the early 20th century. People we owe a lot to.

DeOldify, with which the footage is coloured, is an open and free software for colouring and restoring old photos and videos, based on deep learning. If you are sitting on your own old black and white photos or film clips, you can try DeOldify for yourself here.

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