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Vilhelm Moberg on the main threat to Swedish freedom

State autocracy

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Det är den 12 oktober 1947. Vilhelm Moberg är i Norrtälje och håller tal. Drygt 2 år har passerat sen de allierade besegrade axelmakterna i andra världskriget. 2 år av fred efter 6 år av totalt krig. Moberg […]

It is October 12, 1947. Vilhelm Moberg is in Norrtälje giving a speech. More than 2 years have passed since allied defeated axis powers in the Second World War. 2 years of peace after 6 years of total war.

Moberg had been one of the most vocal opponents in Sweden of Hitler's National Socialist Germany, and also travelled the country speaking out for Finland - a Finland under attack from Stalin's communist Soviet Union. Two totalitarian apparatuses of violence.

In the speech, Moberg spoke of a new dark cloud that he saw looming on the horizon, a new threat to Swedish freedom. See the quote in the image.

Another paragraph from the speech:

"The state of today is a lord of man's own making, to whom many of them devote a purely religious worship: the state shall help! The state must intervene! The state must support! Such are the cries. And the state sneaks up on us, tempting and tempting: here shall be help! Here shall it intervene! Here shall be aid!

The state asks only a small trifle in return. Just one small trifle: the freedom of the individual. The submission of the individual to his autocracy."

Almost 70 years have passed since Moberg gave his speech on that October day. In the meantime, the state has grown bigger, bigger than even Gustav Vasa could ever dream of, and still the cries ring out. Still the state beckons and tempts.

This is a speech for our time.

The full speech, entitled "On the Foundations of Freedom", can be found in the book "In the Name of Truth and Imagination. The orator Vilhelm Moberg", which contains many of his speeches. It can be purchased at Vilhelm Moberg Society, and contains many golden nuggets that deliver goosebumps. Recommended!

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