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Tribute poem to past relatives

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A tribute to genealogy, to past families, to never stop asking the question: what do we do with our time on earth?

It's an exciting project
this hobby that I found.
An interest that is aroused
for centuries that have faded.
It has such an effect
that some insights I gained.
It gives a deep respect
to follow the threads spun by the horns
and explore my own family
and ancestors who have now disappeared.

I follow these threads of life
and contemplate the fate of relatives
in cottages, crofts and farms,
where they later faced death.
When I look into history,
when I follow the flows of the family tree,
when I cherish the memories of them
...I'll share in that joy of life,

about has brought forth generations,
that shaped people's lives.
What were their ambitions?
What were they given for a gift?
What kind of discussions did they have?
What gave them their drive?
I am looking for documentation,
I search like a detective
after forgotten persons
in the church records.
I wonder about their visions
and get a different perspective.

Therefore I write this poem
to endure the ravages of time.
It now feels like a duty
to think about them sometimes,
and that it is of the utmost importance
to strengthen our family ties,
also to the older strata of the families,
and that we take good care of them,
even in the longer term,
about our common homeland,

which is the home that is ours,
and make good use of the remainder
of all these passing years
when we walk up here in the North,
and by the time we get
the exhorting words ring out
the question that always remains:
What do we do with our time on Earth?

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