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Where do America's Swedish descendants live today?

Swedish-Americans in the 2000 census
Swedish-Americans in the 2000 census

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Fördelningen av svenskamerikaner enligt amerikanska folkräkningen år 2000. Det finns mer än 4.5 miljoner svenskättlingar i USA. Minnesota är klart svensktätast där 9,9% av befolkningen har svenska rötter. North Dakota kommer på andra plats med 5%. År 1900 […]

Distribution of Swedish Americans according to the US Census in 2000. There are more than 4.5 million Swedish descendants in the United States. Minnesota is by far the most Swedish-speaking, with 9.9% of the population having Swedish roots. North Dakota comes second with 5%.

In 1900, Chicago was "Sweden's second city", the city with the second highest number of Swedes after Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The Andersonville district was home to many Nordic immigrants.

Many others settled in Minnesota but also Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois. In the East, New England became the place for many industrial workers and Swedish centres developed in places like Jamestown, Providence and Boston.

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