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1930: Boy with bicycle outside a half-timbered house in Ystad, Skåne. Photo: Berit Wallenberg / Swedish National Heritage Board

An article on the history of Skåne by the founder of the Skåne Movement, folk school teacher and author Ernfrid Tjörne, written in the dialect of his native village Västerstad/Vestersted. From the Sällskapet Skånsk Samlings yearbook SÄASÄ.

Dar lär ha vad en skåning mä rätt stort jehör i våra da som ska ha sajt, ad de vore bäst for vos skåninga, om vi konne glemma vår historia fore 1658. For my part, yes, the victory seems as if we had forgotten the holy man so well his prayer before. We would do well to investigate your seals and your thoughts, if we could only try to remember the one like the grey ones. For it is my soul, and then I am afraid. If you only go to sea and see all the men's joviality, then there is no one who will tell you to keep your boats on oath. On the contrary, they need to see if they are going crazy for themselves.

Sodden e varden. And a scholar said, that we speak only Skåne and "Swedish with Skåne accent". They can both take each other by the fist, they pull in the same direction, and they're all in the same boat. Den som ente håller på sitt ejed har iheller engen framtid, han plånas ud o blännas opp må andra. Now they are the weakest of the weak called, but säla namned Skåne e good o cover good concept. Varforr skolle pressis ditta idiomed va fejl, om de talas vårdad? Men en borde lära se begriba, ad slarveda dialects alltid e fejl, ente bara i skånskan udan i alla språg. But when one notices that some Skåne people have the attitude that they think Skåne is a slave's forgiven Swedish, then one doesn't expect that many people have that opinion.

A Swedish lady, who had been on a course in Lund, came home and made this wise judgment: "But why don't they speak Swedish? They read Swedish books."

Where are the Skåne va error? If you come from outside the borders of Skåne, you're talking right. Sagen e helt einfach den, ad här i lanned talas dels skånska, dels oppsvenska, o de ejna får vell anses lia berättiad som de andra. Naturlitvis tar en skåning, som resident oppad lanned, så pass hejnsyn te sin omjivning, så han modererar sitt språg, men direkt apa ette andra weder kan ellerla bör han. Do others see the Skåne, as far as they are concerned, as making fun of them?

And if one suffers, one also suffers, if one has plenty of money. Tombstones, statues and paintings bear witness to the "ancient times". And it's better to forget how much you have. You can see how difficult it is, when you stand on Stortöred in Lund. Does anyone need an explanation? Every honest Skåner should earn a penny in his conscience.

The manlie teacher from the same school as the girl may have been found above - he was also riksdasman! - jutt mä en skånska, ett å di bästa fruntömmer Gu har skapt, o som fött her man o fostrad ad ihm o fosterlanned åtta freska, hortia ongdoma, brugte oppbögga sin omjivning mä såna udtröck som: "No people have been beaten as badly as the Scots." The undersigned considered a simple "Shut up!" to be a good idea. as the most appropriate response. Solid leather should have solid butter. -

But teli onnorvisning puts joy. It's getting old now and is being held among the older grades - from Varmlann and Hälsingland and other Swedish countries. It spoils the air in the fortifications and train tracks but is too easy to put in the trees.

To honour and preserve the heritage and history of the building as an ambition for future generations. Dar e engen vidare risk ad vi ska lava ihob falka sejvardiheder ad vos i Skåne, de e folked rejnt for kritiskt te. Di fodrar bevis, så ente fantasien vållränner mä forstånned. Men vi får liavell betänka, ad Skåningen h a r en hejl hob menge, som e älre en di svenske, for Skåne va ju tiliare beböjt o odlad.

The Danish kingdom is said to have come from Skåne. Already then we had a well-known king like Ivar Vidfajne, King Halvdan Snälles's son, born on Ivö, who around 740 two years later just took over Skåne and eventually all the land in Northern Europe. Sagor, sir somma. Ja ondrar ded, så meed som ded e omvittnad. It's probably not so easy to grasp such great events directly in the air. That's why Ivö should have a visible mark on it.

Anund de Scania, who defeated seven Slavic kings in the 8th century - by the way, he was a statesman in his encounter with Emperor Charlemagne and the Ejderströmmen - is a great song to forget.

O Harald Klack, Ragnar Lodbog's brother, who lived to raise 832 o became Skåne's foster crowned king, baptized in St. Alban's church in Mainz, e rejnt for go te å forjädada.

Gange-Rolv did have a statue in Rouen in Normandy. There he is standing on his feet in the open air. He was so full of life, as we know, that he did not seem to carry a name. But where is his statue in Skåne, where he was probably born and raised? If he had been what he was, neither would his crusaders have been what they were, and if they were Scandians, it is proved that the names of the villages in Normandy were named after Scandian villages, for example. Tågarp o Ivetofta. We must remember that the names of Normandy come from Norwegians, and not, for example, from Norwegians. A pendant to the Rouen statue would do no harm. Hallängingana sir ad han hör dom te - la gå for ded, Halland e osse ett å di skånske lannskaben.

O nonstäns står bild å Sven Tvesjägg, som ga Skånes fruntömmer arvsrätt, han som va den tidens skåninga så kjär, ad di löste nom fra jomsvikinganas klör trej ganga, hår gang må hans ejen väjt i guld o hans dobble väjt i selver? They were now as the Skåningana solved eng di stora skovana imellom böjdorna, som forud hade hört te kongen, o så kom di i ställed i ejnsjeldas hänner. Who knows if they were the same as the transactions that have jolped your Skåne all the way back to our time, so we have been left without a bridgehead, which is so typical for Oppsverige. For sin dess har bå stor- o småbönner hålled fatt va di fe tag i den gangen, o må ejendom följer sicherhed o trögghed, ragröggadhed, trovardihed o kraft.

Ella hoddent has well Knut the Great (101-4-1035) bled honorrad? He has at least got a name if he was the founder of the city of Lund. It is probably mostly he who is looking for a place there at Stortöred. His importance as ruler of Denmark and England need not be emphasized here.

Knut the saint (1080-1086) rearranged so that they could gay the present judge, and neither he nor it is worthy of any mercy or shame for?

O King Erik Ejegod promised to raise Lunda to the highest height it could reach, when it became the seat of the Archbishop of the North ... By the way, Archbishop Asker, the founder of the archbishopate, was well remembered. He was in any case the founder of that title, who lived on Scandinavian soil.

But now we come to a question of conscience: where in Saxo's sta e monumented over Saxo ?

About Absalon, although he was a fighter burned and attacked Kjöbenhamn, the opinions of the Skåninganas are divided, but what about the learned and sceptical archbishop Andreas Sunsön ? Ad lybeckana opåtalt fe hogga nör o vräka ongan vara voanne skova den gang på 1300-taled, når Skåne va förenad må Sverige, behöver en ju ente pressis rejsesa nåd mengesmarke över - jongbackana, som oppsto då, may have enough land, but do they have to live in Rynebro in Bjäre, where Skåne's bannermen turned the liberator Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson in 1436 and drove him out?

Ella hoddent har vi hugfäst menged å archbishop Tuve Nielsen, som når nöen va som stost o hejla Skåne larm va harjad o bränt å di svenske år 14521 i alla minst fe räddad "Longa tjorka", lanneds heilgedom o yppersta klenod? Has Tyge Krabbe of Vegeholm been honoured, who in 1510 drove out Svante Sture's Swedish army from the Scanian countryside?

Jörgen Kock's, Hans Mikkelsen's and Claus Mortensen's statues are spying on an unforeseen place in Malmö. What they meant not only for the city but for the whole of Skåne and the whole of Denmark is well worth pointing out.

Does Fagerhult have any visible sign to show for his dear son Bengt Månsen, who in 1644 in the spessen for the snapphanes feigned his life for the foster boy? If someone comes to K r i s t i a n s t a d , he will look at King Christian IV's equestrian statue. At least he was a great and marvellous king, and he knew how to make a good statue. As far as his Swedish collection is concerned, they are always accompanied by Charles X in Malmö, Magnus Stenbock in Hälsingborg, a Carolinian lion in Landskrona, the bust of Charles XII in Lund and a statue of the same Carolus Linnaeus in the same town - he was there for a year and taught, after all. Frans Suell has also been remembered. And many others. But many are missing.

A picture of Alexander Roslin, for example, would be good to have in Malmö city, and a plaque on the house at Hamngadan, which was built in place of his birthplace, would do no harm. Ad gadan ble breddad når de nya hused böjdes kan ente jälpas. Tavlan konne vel liaväl komma på nåd så när rätt plaats. O Henrik Wranér ska vi vell hoppas får sin staty i Simrishamn ella Östra Tomarp engan hondraårsmenged 1953. Ditta va nu bara nona namn på måfå i den stora reichedomen, men ja welle jarna pega på, ad vi hatt meed präktit folk i Skåne, som de vore söng å rejnt forglemma. Who do you thank for the fact that we are there? Oh the cost of the headache would be well overdue.

People throw out money in droves on the things that are wrong. When subjects like these came up, but I was in Lund, they happened to reply, "Oppsvenskana töcker ente om ad vi rejser mengesmarke över våra stora skånske manna." A stupid talk, I call it, and they must stand for it, as they said. We put your name in our history before 1658, and then they put it in ours too. That's how much understanding I think we have on both sides. Ja tror snarare ad den karen va rejnt försoffad o ente desjente å ha en sodden gammal reich o grann historja som den har vi i Skåne lann o skolle ha forstånn å va tacksamma for. The Swede, with his initially developed sense of freedom, forgets those who are cowardly and cowardly but values and uplifts those who have the courage to stand up for their rights.

But he will swear in a quiet way - and we Skåneans are tied to have common sense ... So the association Skåne-Sweden does not need to cause any further friction, even though we have come from so many places and we are all unequal ... Long live Skåne and the old people of Skåne! Men nejr mä småtteri, fortrödenhed o domhed! Tröggheden, the great Skånian Tröggheden, e de bästa mengesmarked ette fädorna - men de ejna goa fortar ente de andra.

It is not necessary for us men to be pressed into service - we can do that, and it would probably not be a good idea either, but we must learn to understand that we are better than if we are less bad. And one shall have the same great rights and the same great human rights as the other. If he has an oath, then it is his own lake, and it is good for him. He serves by the way ente then, ad dar e grace som fehlt. But he shall have the right and the opportunity to draw others to his will. O forarjelit nok kan en få oppleva rälja exempel på "kongeli svensk" fortrödenhed blann vos skåninga osse.

History and history are the soul of nations.

Skåne is a very old and ancient nation, perhaps the oldest in the Nordic countries, and then they are well aware that we have won our inheritance, so they are not lost.

Once gone, they come allri, allri ején .

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