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Living: 1891 - 1981

Place of birth: Västerstad

Ernfrid Tjörne was the teacher, writer and local history researcher who founded the Skåne Collection Society in 1937.

The association's area of activity was Skåne, and its purpose was to preserve Skåne's unique nature and culture, both spiritual and material, natural areas, historic buildings, ancient monuments, etc. It also wanted to strengthen the identity of Skåne. Ernfrid trained as a primary school teacher and probably took up his new family name Tjörne. Later he also married a girl from Tjörn. He was initially a teacher in Sillhövda in Blekinge. Ernfrid Tjörne wrote a number of books, both in prose and verse.
Forgotten quantity

An article on the history of Skåne by the founder of the Skåne Movement, the elementary school teacher and author Ernfrid Tjörne, written in [...]