Citizens' song

From the poem suite "Ett folk", first published in Svenska Dagbladet on 22 September 1899; later included in the collection Nya dikter from 1915.

So true we own a fatherland,
we all inherited it equally,
with the same right and with the same bond
for both the poor and the rich;
and therefore we want to vote freely
as before among shields and bows,
but not weighed in the midst of merchants,
like money bags on scales.

We fought together for home and hearth,
when our coasts were burned.
Not the gentlemen alone took up the sword,
when the warning light went on.
Not the masters alone went down
but also men's servants.
It's a shame, it's a stain on Sweden's banner,
that civil rights is money.

It is a shame to sit, as we have done,
and temples to other worlds,
but throwing stones at your own gate
and speak ill of ourselves.
We are tired of bleeding for our own dagger,
to separate the heart from the head;
we will be one people,
and we are and become what we will.

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