Slumbering tones

Slumbering tones

This hymn is said to be almost a national anthem for Swedish-Austronesians and was created by Alexander Slotte (1861-1927). Slotte was a devoted member of the Brage Cultural Association, founded in 1906, whose mission was to nurture and promote Finnish-Swedish folk culture in Finland.

Slumbering tones far from time,
tones from cottages, from fields and friends,
strange voices from the darkness of the graves,
cheers and chants of anguish from the battle of the hens -
Awake all, rise! Message of the Fathers
In bringing to sons, to listening time.

Stands under the rows of leaning huts,
mossy are the stairs and the weeds sprout.
Inside the green fences of the boxes
the memories they sleep in soundless peace.
Bow your head! Tread carefully!
Holy is the place,
where the spirits of the fathers dwell.

Extinguishing the coal we light the hearth.
Carefully we take the dear into our care.
The distaff buzzes by the low fire,
while we weave on the border of the sagas.
Flame forneld! Shine on our work!
Light through time
for the sons way home to the fathers farm!


Here is a selection of new and older compositions from both Finland and Sweden, starting with beautiful tunes by Finnish-Swedish Frida Andersson from Ekenäs, Finland:

Below, Gustaf "Stålfarfar" Håkansson himself sings, a Skåner famous from the 1951 Sverigeloppet cycling race when, at the age of almost 66, he cycled the race from Haparanda to Ystad despite the race committee refusing to allow him to participate.

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