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Living: 1872 - 1938

Place of birth: Förkärla parish, Blekinge

Fabian Månsson was a libertarian left-wing social democratic politician, newspaper editor and writer. Worked as a roughneck and errand boy until conscription.

From 1899 a newspaperman, writing political columns in southern Swedish newspapers. Månsson often used the pseudonym Dacke in his youth. From 1912 until his death in 1938 he was a member of the second chamber of the Riksdag (elected in the Gästrikland constituency until 1921 and in the Gävleborg constituency 1922-1938). He was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy from Uppsala University in 1932.

Månsson was one of his party's foremost and most colourful agitators, known for his drastic and often burlesque oratory. He belonged to the first generation of self-taught writers in the spirit of the new popular education, and with his firm roots in the Blekinge countryside, he preferred the historical novel as a means of expression: The Justification by Faith (1916) and Gustav Vasa and Nils Dacke (1 - 3, 1928-48). He also appeared as a historian, for example with The History of Migration (1937) and The History of the Viking Age (1939).

In the homes of the unemployed

Fabian Månsson writes in Arbetarbladet on January 25, 1906, about extortionate taxes and an "overconfident [...]

Battle song

Originally published in Fram magazine in October 1903

Speech on Swedish Flag Day

Fabian Månsson speaks on Swedish Flag Day, 6 June 1936 at the stadium in Stockholm

The cradle of the dachshund

From the Sunday supplement of the Social-Demokrat, March 2 and 9, 1930.


"civilization was a gilded hell, a debauched ruin, where the most unwary counterfeiters and plunderers took [...]

A man, a newspaper, a rifle

From the magazine Fram, July 1903.