It's a 'lovely' country

It's a lovely country
Lifting spoonbill in Måkläppen, Skåne. Photo: Paul Rosenius / Vänersborg Museum

Det är ett 'yndigt' land was written around 1850 by the Helsingborg newspaperman Oskar Patrik Sturzenbecker, and is the first known hymn from Skåne. It has the same verse measure and opening words as Oehlenschläger's There is a lovely land, because Sturzenbecker wanted the praise of the fatherland to be sung to the same tune on both sides of Öresund.

It's a "lovely" country
where the waves of the Sound glisten
on a beech-shaded beach,
where over tegar without speech
the happy larks chirp
and a red-legged stork stands guard over the farmer's first choice.

That land is good for us,
with his gentle ways,
his rich inheritance,
with the noble birth of his memories
and the jewellery of new honours,
with the treasure of her heirs and the harvest of her plains.

It's a good thing,
with cornflower crowned on the forehead,
with axes of core-heavy gold;
with half southern pleasures
she smiles like no other
but blonde is the skin and Nordic features.

At her altar hearth
You, Skåne man, hembäre
your love's best gift!
and during the pilgrimage of life
you are faithful to her
with ever new feat, in tale and in song.

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