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Living: 1892 - 1955

Place of birth: Lund

Berndt David Assarsson. 1892-1955. Catholic priest at St. Clement's Church in Helsingborg. Doctor of Laws in Lund 1912 and ordained priest in Innsbruck 1917. Monsignor (papal chamberlain) 1927. Bishop's commissioner for southern and western Sweden with seat in Helsingborg 1939. Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Credo" 1920-37.
The history of Skåneland in Skåneland's schools

The booklet "Skånelands historia i Skånelands skolor" was published in 1949 in distribution from Killbergs Bokhandel in Hälsingborg, [...]

"The Skåne problem"

"The Scanian Problem" appeared as a publication by Credos Förlag, Stockholm 1923 and was included [...]