A stubborn falconer's tale

Erik Axel Karlfeldt

Poem from Fridolin's Songs and Other Songs (1898).

If I bend an inch, I'll be ruined flat
from my room,
if I stand there with honour and glory!
Come on, all the flappers in the world!
My chest is here;
its hardness you shall learn:
shoot poisoned arrows, I'll stay where I am.

I hardly think I'm deceiving myself,
if I hold for certain, that my great-grandfather
went out with Peder in Vibberboda;
and do I feel right
a Dalaman's way,
then I would assume
he kept, where the shafts rained heavily.

And myself I want to go - though a poor big
I am before him that dwelleth on high...
with the neck straight under the hat.
And the same temper you probably anticipated,
wherever you went
by the waters of the great rivers,
from the wall of Långheden to the ridge of Salfjället.

And he who can open his mouth with piety
and pray a prayer from the bottom of his heart,
he may well wish:
Give all those who live by the rivers
contented peace,
let the land grow green,
but fill it mainly with manhood and faith!

Note. Peder Svensson in Vibberboda is mentioned as the
leader in the battle of Brunnbäck ferry.

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