Author Archives: Torgny Segerstedt

Living: 1876 - 1945

Place of birth: Karlstad

Torgny Segerstedt was a Swedish publicist and historian of religion. He is best known for his clear stance against German National Socialism, before and during World War II, as editor-in-chief of the Göteborgs Handels- och Sjöfarts-Tidning (GHT). GHT was one of only two newspapers in the whole of Sweden that dared to give space to Vilhelm Moberg's critical articles. His grave in Kviberg cemetery in Gothenburg became a place of pilgrimage after the end of peace, especially for Norwegians.

In the long term

A text by the publicist and anti-Nazi Torgny Segerstedt from 12 January 1924, in which he [...]

With open eyes

Torgny Segerstedt wrote this article a week after the Communist Soviet Union attacked Finland on 30 [...]


"No mockery is too merciless against the freeloaders, who endanger what the peoples through a long [...]

The problems of asylum

"He who has tormented, persecuted, tormented, tortured, murdered others, has forfeited the right to complain, if he [...]

The Swedish

"All that is based on the denial of one's own becomes powerless and certain. Powerless and withered [...]

A family member disappears

"The past generation overthrew the god images of its time. They were angry with them. A future generation shall [...]


"The alternation between death and life, between darkness and light, between growth and withering never stops. [...]

Genealogy and individuals

"The personal is independent of time currents. It can wither or grow freely like a tree [...]

The dechristianisation of Europe

"It is not possible to give a horoscope for the future of Christianity. In large parts of [...]

The fight for freedom and justice

"It is so short-sighted to imagine that big people or small people [...]