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Book review: soldier with broken rifle

Erik Svansbo, spelman, civilingenjör och ordförande för Klassiskt Liberala Partiet, recenserar Vilhelm Mobergs roman Soldat [...]

Podd: "Our free word" and the aftermath of the age of the sacrificial word

Listen to "Our Free Word" on Spreaker. New episode out where podcasts are! First, read aloud [...]

1896: Scales in nude

"Verner von Heidenstam, Gustaf Fröding and I as forest gods in the Sandhamn forest", writes the third [...]

Vilhelm Moberg 119 years

On today's date 119 years ago, August 20, 1898, Vilhelm Moberg was born in [...]

Vilhelm Moberg as politician and peasant anarchist

"Honesty and integrity, healthy self-confidence and hard work are the cornerstones of Vilhelm Moberg's life, poetry [...]

A writer and his view of history - Vilhelm Moberg and Nils Dacke

In Vissefjärda and Virserum there are statues commemorating Nils Dacke and the rebellion he [...]

Vilhelm Moberg and the Third Reich

October 16, 1941: a uniformed Vilhelm Moberg reads the newspaper about the war. Moberg was already in [...]

The day Vilhelm Moberg went to seek sleep without end

"It's twenty past seven. I go to search the lake, sleep without end. Sorry [...]

The Kalmar War: A Swedish "Son My" in Skåne in 1612

For 300 years, from the beginning of the 16th century until 1814, it was not [...]

Vilhelm Moberg and politics

Now that Sweden's political and media authorities are once again gathered in Almedalen and [...]