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Lucia - one of the Swedish people's most beloved traditions

Lucia, the "Queen of Light", lights up the Nordic winter darkness every winter and heralds the [...]

No Åhléns, Santa is not Turkish - and our Christmas IS Swedish

Earlier this week, the retail company Åhléns caused a stir when it announced that it [...]

All Saints' Day and the Weekend of the Dead

The Saturday that falls between 31 October and 6 November is called All Saints' Day and [...]

World Championship in home brewing of Gotlandsdrikke takes place this weekend

Drikke kallar gutarna sitt traditionella hembryggda färsköl som i otaliga generationer har bryggts på enris, [...]

About the nation-state celebrations

On National Day celebrations and the eternal enemy of spontaneous order and voluntary communities

Three Nordic naming traditions

Difficult to choose a name for your future or newborn child? Here are three naming traditions that [...]

Viktor Rydberg on trees

"All things have life, though life be of many kinds. So beings live in the trees. [...]

Fettis Day frogs and other funny pranks - the customs of the ancient world around Lent

The tradition of dressing up as Fatty's Day men and women is a very old tradition that [...]

On the Christmas celebrations of the past and "pulling the wool over your eyes"

What was the typical Christmas celebration among the common people in the past? We know that [...]

Lucia Day and lussenatta in Swedish folklore

Today is Lucia Day, when one of our most beautiful (and also most mysterious) traditions [...]