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Which books will Project Moberg digitise?

Some of the books in the queue to be digitised

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Snart börjar det stora arbetet med att digitalisera Svenska allmogens frihetsstrider av Alfred Kämpe, vilket var huvudmålet med vår Kickstarter-kampanj och startpunkten till att idéen med Projekt Moberg föddes. Men vilka fler böcker kommer man kunna hitta i biblioteket i […]

Soon the great work of digitising will begin The struggle for freedom of the Swedish Ommogens by Alfred Kämpe, which was the main goal of our Kickstarter campaign and the starting point for the birth of the idea of Project Moberg.

But what other books will you be able to find in the library in the future?

First and foremost, the focus will be on books that Vilhelm Moberg - one of Sweden's most beloved writers of all time - has recommended, used and referred to in his writing - books that depict the peoples and life in the Nordic countries throughout the ages.

Books that contain - not the history of kings, politicians or wars - but the life and history of the common people, which is also the history of peace and freedom.

Books depicting our folk heritage and its diversity of customs, tales, legends and traditions, festivals and meals, values and moral compasses, ancient and Christian customs, the toil of the fields and forests, the harsh struggle of the common people against the forces of nature and against poverty, and our ancestors' love of peace and freedom and their resistance to the oppression and indulgence of the rulers over the centuries.

One limitation when it comes to the choice of books to digitise is of course copyright. Project Moberg respects Swedish law, more than it thinks about the particular design of copyright, and will therefore stick to books where copyright has expired, i.e. books whose author has been dead for at least 70 years. This means that all books whose authors died before 1946 are free to be digitised. In cases where the author died later but we would like to digitise the book, we will try to find the author's survivors and ask for their permission.

Some examples of books on the history of Sweden and the Nordic countries that will be digitised and published in a newly produced e-book format:

  • The Swedish People I-II by August Strindberg
  • History of the Viking Age by Fabian Månsson
  • History of Migration by Fabian Månsson
  • Gustaf Vasa and Nils Dacke I-III by Fabian Månsson
  • The King's Tales I-III by Snorre Sturlasson, translated by Emil Olsson
  • Eddan, translated by Erik Brate
  • The Swedish people during the pagan period by Hans Hildebrand
  • Wärend and wirdarne by Hyltén-Cavallius
  • The God of the Fathers by Viktor Rydberg
  • Norse fairy tales by A. Ekermann
  • Swedish folk tales by Herman Hofberg
  • And others.

Then personally, as a farmer, I also have a great interest in more practical books. Books about how the self-sufficient peoples of the North have survived by farming the land and using the resources of the forests. How they turned forests into fields, what crops they planted and how, how they built their houses and all the other tools and implements they needed from timber, iron and stone. Examples of books are From the happy days of self-sufficiency by Johan Lindström Saxon, The Peasant Practice, and A complete Swedish household book by Reinerus Reineri Broocman.

Last but not least, there are many old books depicting the local history, customs and legends of the various old regions over the past hundreds of years. We must not forget that Sweden was once made up of many small countries with a diversity of peoples.

Yes, even what is today the region of Småland once consisted of many small countries; Värend, Kinda, Njudung, Aspeland, Finnveden, and so on. I myself grew up in Nolaskogs, Ångermanland, and will start there with the digitization of the local legends, customs and traditions of Nolaskogs.

Just digitizing the books on this list is a horse's job and it will take time, especially since I will be the only one (for now) doing the digitizing.

Do you want to help preserve our literary heritage?

Please contact me at if you would like to contribute to Project Moberg with your time (ideally) and learn how to produce e-books at the same time.

Good news is that raw material for many relevant books is already scanned by Project Runeberg, The Internet Archive and Google Books, e.g. The fathers' god saga by Viktor Rydberg.

Where scanned raw material already exists, time is saved by not having to scan it again, but instead using it and immediately starting to turn the raw material into high quality and user-friendly e-books.

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