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1930s: August Ländin, a farmer in Kårsta, and other people at a horse and cart on a road near Åkeshov. Korsta parish, Uppland. Photo: Einar Erici / Swedish National Heritage Board

“I vår kulturs historia hittar vi tidigare generationers begreppsvärld. Där finner vi de seder som utprovats och befunnits värdiga att fortleva, men också de som bleknat bort eller förkastats.” – Malin Kim

We all carry with us traces of what came before us. From the moment we are born, we are part of a tapestry of customs and ideas handed down from one generation to the next.

Through our traditions, our ancestors tell us how they learned to live. Their collective experience lives on and is expressed in our actions through our culture.

Their own culture is so self-evident that it is hard to notice. It hides in everyday things we rarely reflect on and forms the skeleton that supports our norms. The glasses of culture filter our view of the world and colour our reactions to what we see.

In the history of our culture we find the conceptual world of previous generations. There we find the customs that have been tried and found worthy of survival, but also those that have faded away or been rejected. We also find notions and approaches that have been adapted and shaped as they have collided with new realities. Our cultural heritage illustrates the evolution of our ancestors' accumulated body of knowledge.

Few things affect a person's life more than their culture. Culture makes its mark in the small, subtle choices as well as in life's biggest decisions. Our identity can therefore never be detached from the culture we carry with us - culture shapes part of who we are.

What we do today is an echo of the past.

By reflecting on the past, we can see who we are today.

It is not unimportant what we choose to remember.

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