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Silence, take!

Daniel Sjöberg, Project Allmogen
Daniel Sjöberg, in the background Carta Marina.

"If there is any nature in heaven, it is contrite." - Ludvig Nordström (1882-1942)

Here's an update from Allmogens headquarters. There's talk of old maps, upcoming plans and a bit of contrarian patriotism.

A novelty in shop is that you can now get high quality prints of selected old photos, such as this photo from 1890 on the Royal Mounds in Old Uppsala, which has undergone digital restoration in my hands. More beautiful photos from all of Sweden's old landscapes will be added to the shop in the future.

Background music: Erik Svansbo plays Skrikpolskan after Hjort Anders in Bingsjö. More music from Erik Svansbo can be found on his Youtube channel.

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