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New edition of The Freedom Struggles of the Swedish Allmog

The struggle for freedom of the Swedish Ommogens

Throughout his adult life, the author Vilhelm Moberg requested a new edition of this historical work. Now, a century after its first publication, it has become a reality.

History Agency The struggle for freedom of the Swedish Ommogens is the reason why Allmogens exist. If I hadn't stumbled across that book, I don't know if I would have started this project about our Swedish history and our Nordic culture. But now fate wanted it.

I heard about the work in the author Vilhelm Moberg's collection of articles Otron's articles from 1973, in which he said that ever since he first read this "remarkable work" in 1918, he had been looking for and requesting a new edition.

Written by the journalist and author Alfred Kämpe (1877-1936) and published in three volumes in 1918-1929, this is the first time that Kämpe has recounted the history of the many peasant uprisings in Sweden with a common thread. We read about more famous rebellions such as the freedom struggles of Nils Dackes and Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, but also lesser-known rebellions such as the many valley rebellions in the 16th and 18th centuries, the Morgonstjärne rebellion in Närke in 1653 and the Klågerup riots in Skåne in 1811. We also get to know the constant struggle of the common people against a relentless Nordic nature, where poverty and starvation were constantly lurking around the corner. Kämpe's aim was to depict the living conditions and hardships of peasants, workers and servants, and he succeeded in doing so.

Now, a century after the work was first published, it is with great pleasure and pride that I can announce that a complete new edition of Kämpe's history has been released by the publisher Cultura Aetatis - based on my copy of the original edition that I digitized in 2015-2016, and with a foreword written by me!

You can buy the book here

The publisher has put together a great offer for those who really value our history and want to help preserve and disseminate it: Buy two books and get a third for free. So, one for yourself and two to give as gifts to family and friends.

You take advantage of the offer by buying and paying for two books, then email Lars at the publisher,, and tell us which third book you want for free and we'll send you all three. The prices shown on the page include shipping.

You can buy three copies of The struggle for freedom of the Swedish Ommogens, or choose from the publisher's other two books. If you like history, I can highly recommend Hans-Hermann Hoppe's book A short history of humanity.

For €35 (about 370 SEK) you get a complete edition of The struggle for freedom of the Swedish Ommogens which contains the entire three books in one volume - our Swedish history summarized in 635 pages.

This yours history. It's your ancestors history. It's your children history. It is up to those of us who value our history, our cultural heritage, the knowledge of ourselves, to pass that knowledge on to our descendants.

So buy a book, or buy two and get three, and give one of the best gifts of all - roots.

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