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Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on TwitterLudvig Svensson, a student at Linköping University and chairman of Linköping's Free Moderate Student Association, published a readable text the other day about the need to decentralise historiography in Sweden. Sweden's historiography has for centuries been controlled, and abused, by the Swedish central power. "For [...]

Ludvig Svensson, a student at Linköping University and chairman of Linköping's Free Moderate Student Union, published the following article the other day a text worth reading on the need to decentralise the writing of history in Sweden.

Sweden's historiography has for centuries been controlled, and abused, by the Swedish central power. "To destroy a people, you must first cut their roots," said the Soviet dissident and Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn have written, a person who personally experienced the horrors of communism in the Gulag. Many are the peoples who have had their historical roots cut off by the Swedish central power. Goths, Smålanders, Scanians, Gypsies, Jelts, Sami, and others.

But don't think it's any different today. The falsification of our history continues, even if it has made a U-turn. After centuries of oppression of the original nations, cultures and free peoples within the borders of present-day Sweden, the central power has set its sights on the overall Swedish culture and people that it itself has largely conjured up, but which of course does not exist if you ask the lackeys of power today.

Swedes are one people and many different people in one, as Erik Svansbo so aptly put it on his blog recently in the article The state that takes more than our money. After centuries of state destruction of the original cultural diversity that has grown up in the Nordic countries over thousands of years, suddenly there is talk all over the place about the importance of promoting "diversity"! With tax money, of course.

The Swedish state is and has always been the enemy of true diversity, the diversity of freedom that arises naturally over time when people are allowed to live in peace.

Thankfully, the destruction is easy to stop. All that is needed is for the little people, like you and me, to take the initiative to get to know our own local history, traditions, legends and stories. Stories of what our ancestors valued and found joy and meaning in, what they thought was right and proper, and what many of them actually gave their lives for. More importantly, to pass on that knowledge to the next generation. It is as Fabian Månsson (1872-1938) wrote in his history work History of the Viking Age: from the tribes to the Nordic empires (1939):

"Culture is never merely a collection of tools, machines, buildings and works of art; it is in the fingers and brains, in the attitudes and reactions of individuals; it must be transmitted from generation to generation by teaching and imitation, and should continuity cease, a cultural epoch is ground into the earth with its last bearers, and its material manifestations remain only as ruins and memorials without life and spirit."

The task of passing on history is too important to be entrusted to power-hungry people, because one day they may find that the roots of the little people stand in the way of their power ambitions. It has happened again and again throughout history, not least in our own time in the socialist and communist states of the 20th century. But one's roots cannot be cut without one's own consent or renunciation, for once one starts digging for them, one realizes that the roots go deeper than any knife can ever reach, and that the roots are stronger than any axe can touch.

Ludvig Svensson ended his text with a quote from me, so I'll end with a nice quote from his text:

Swedes, Goths, Smålanders, Scanians, Sami, Gotlanders, Jämtar. Search for your heritage. Dare to live it out. Start today, don't let the Swedish falsification of history continue. Every region, district, parish and village has its own history. Dive into your own history, and together we can build a Sweden with a decentralised history - a real act of resistance in a time of centralisation and falsification of history.

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