Find your elemental power in our Swedish folk music

We need to find our way back to our original Swedish strength, to ourselves, to our contact with [...]

Go on an ancient excursion this summer

For many, it's still time to relax and enjoy the holidays. This year [...]

Greetings, look here!

Now it is the turn of the proud greeters to get their hands on a landscape map [...]

20 American towns named by and after Swedes

During the Swedish emigration to America, nearly 1.5 million Swedes left their homeland with the hope [...]

Södra Råda old church soon to be rebuilt - entirely with medieval techniques

The reconstruction of the old church of Södra Råda in Visnum, Värmland, is making rapid progress. The summer [...]

Three new landscape maps in the shop

I continue to expand the range of landscape maps. Nothing more fun than seeing all the place names in [...]

Where Norrland's youth should wander - 12 tips from 1889

I en tidigare artikel delade jag med mig av råd från 1888 till vandringslystna ungdomar. [...]

How to renovate old windows step by step

Join us as Stefan J. shows you step by step how to renovate old windows, [...]

A beautiful way to celebrate the history of your home village

An idea worth spreading to parish guilds, home associations and engaged neighbours everywhere.

Listen to the beautiful dialect of your home village on the Dialect Map

The Institute for Languages and Folklore, a government agency that collects, preserves and researches [...]