Nävelsjöstenen (Sm 101)

Lake Nävelsjö Stone SM101
1944: Nävelsjöstenen SM101. Photo: Nils Åzelius / Riksantikvarieämbetet

The Nävelsjö Stone (Sm 101) is a narrow but stately rune stone along the village road in Nöbbeleholm, Nävelsjö parish, Östra härad, in the Njudung region of Småland.

The rune stone is a 2.5 metre high granite pillar and the runes tell the story of Gunnar, the son of Rode, who was given a Christian burial in the English city of Bath. At home in Nävelsjö, his son Gunnkel had a memorial erected.

The stone should reportedly have acted as a boundary marker between the villages of Nöbbeled, Rösås and Åhults. At one time the stone was 0.6 metres above the ground, but it has long since returned intact.

A crack in the stone was repaired in 1970 by the National Heritage Board, which also filled in the runes with paint in 1981. According to Småland's runic inscriptions, the rune stone was also repaired in 1885 and 1938. On the latter occasion, the cracks in the rune stone were sealed with polyester resin and stone filler, according to the National Heritage Board (diary number 7628/71).



: kun(t)(k)el : sati : sten : þansi : eftiR : kunar : faþur : sin : sun : hruþa : halgi : lagþi : han : i : sten:þr : bruþur : sin : a : haklati : i : baþum

Normalization to Old West Norse:

Gunnkell set a stone for his father Gunnar, the son of Horde. Helgi laid him in stone, his brother, in England, at Booth.

Translation into Nusvenska:

Gunnkel put this stone after Gunnar, his father, Rodes son. Helge laid him, his brother, in a stone coffin in England in Bath.

Runsten Sm101
1944: Nävelsjöstenen SM101. Photo: Nils Åzelius / Riksantikvarieämbetet

Getting there

The rune stone is found on the eastern side of the village road on what is now farmland.

Coordinates: Latitude 57.4159987349857 | Longitude 14.843382239341736

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