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Project Moberg becomes Project Allmogen

Project Allmogen

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Länge har jag funderat på framtiden för Projekt Moberg. Länge har jag velat fram och tillbaka över det här beslutet. Men nu är det klart. Projektet har samma syfte som när det startade – att helt fritt från […]

For a long time I have been thinking about the future of Project Moberg. For a long time, I've wondered back and forth about this decision. But now it's done.

The project has the same purpose as when it started - to completely free from state influence preserve and promote the Nordic Ommogene libertarian history and rich cultural heritage, and to stand up for what is right and proper in the spirit of Vilhelm Moberg. But as of yesterday, the project operates under a new name.

Project Moberg has become Project Allmogen, or in short ALLMOGEN.

Why the name change?

I've been running Project Moberg since the end of 2015, for about a year and a half. During this time I have gotten to know many nice people from the general public whose common interest is our history, with a particular emphasis on our libertarian history. I also share with many an appreciation for our beautiful heritage and living culture.

At the same time, during this time I have developed ambitions to make the project into something more than something I just do in my spare time in the few, short moments I can spare between farm work and family time. Putting food on the table for the family comes first. Spending time with the family comes second. Project Moberg, sorry - Project Allmogen - unfortunately comes pretty far down the list. But I want to change that.

It is these ambitions to want to achieve more that led to the name change. It is one thing to run a small non-profit project named after such a prominent person as Vilhelm Moberg, but to make my ambitions a reality - with the financial resources it requires - is quite another.

After consulting with Vilhelm Moberg's descendants this week, we decided it would be easiest if I simply renamed the project, thus avoiding some legal grey areas that I don't like to be in.

It didn't take much thought before the project had a new name. Project Allmogen. Nothing will change with the project except the name and the website - which you can now find at

I will continue to promote the free history of the Nordic Ommogra and our beautiful cultural heritage.

I will highlight even more Vilhelm Moberg's tireless struggle for truth and justice.

I will also be asking in the coming weeks for support from the general public - from you - to give the historiography of the state and the authorities some serious competition.

Together, we have the power not only to rediscover the history of our ancestors - but also to write our own. The commons is still alive.

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