Show at the coal guard

Show at the coal guard
1918: Coal mill and coal ark, a man with a shovel on the coal mill. Photo: Samuel Lindskog / Örebro County Museum (CC BY-NC)

Mårdberget 14 December 1913.

Black creeps the night around the stony land -
do not fall asleep, do not fall asleep!
If you fall asleep, you may be awakened by a hellfire
and the sorrow of the breadless shall be yours.

Around rides the wind, wailing, cold,
biting, stinging hard.
Hang over treeless expanses running in the pasture
the ruler from Rolösa farm.

Here by your fire he is as pious as a lamb,
Do not bite, do not tear once.
Mumbling and whispering and caressing his way through the world...
his song is so sweet.

Do not listen to the song, protect your bread,
guardian, until the guard you made!

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