Five dangerous F

In a young farmer's thought book. From the poetry collection Fridolin's Garden and Valley Paintings in Rhyme (1901).

Five F's of great danger, threatening body and soul,
I subscribe to your warning, O youth, and your good;
for you flee their snares and walk strong and wise,
you will have peace of mind and hope for paradise.

The first F is the Bailiff, commanding and harsh;
he lurks on your wealth, your inheritance and your farm.
Never dispute with power, but give the high their due,
and use your arms and arms what is yours!

The second F I teach you is pronounced Fjärdingsman,
for he is the lowly tool of the bailiff and the servant of the bailiff.
Where art thou, O man, who doth defy law and justice?
Tomorrow perhaps master, if quartermaster today!

The third F is the Bottle, which is full of falsehood
and looks kindly at you when you open your treasure chest.
Rarely come hand to cork! Rule your belly strictly,
lest your mind be hurt and your body sick!

The fourth F is the Girl, so smiling and beautiful;
she lures you into foolishness that has its heavy reward.
For keep thy mind in order, and gain thy hair
the noble crown of honour that a faithful bachelor receives!

The fifth ugly F can hardly be written out,
but it has horns on its knees and smells like sulfur;
and all four F's as here before I said,
they possess by the fifth their danger and power.

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