"Among happy kingdoms, ours is number one"

Poem popular at voting meetings in the peasants' cottages in the late 19th century

By King and Government
- Hey, hope, fallera! -
state regulation is managed
so very good.

They kindly "propose"
and eat on purpose:
Give more and more,
give here and give there.

And parliament humbly
- ...one of these...
the thing that is sickest
gives amen and yes

Millions of ducats
to the bureaucracy
guns, soldiers
and pranks of h-n

And other millions
of reddest gold
for proud patrons
which is fattened with customs duty.

And several million
to the priests' sack,
firm general belief is;
completely irretrievably leak.

Empty, bottom empty the cash register
and fill her up;
rub the people, suck the masses
to marrow and to bone!

Let the pack drink,
until speechless, obsessed,
it lies in front. -
Its richer treasure.

For those who will not
the spirits of God ate,
for them one must like
with customs duty in the offing.

With duty on the cake,
they stick to,
on pork, as they taste,
and finally on - herring.

Those, who despise
their sup- duty to the state,
but they must eat:
tax on their food!

Look, the policy
makes the people so fat. -
Among happy kingdoms
is our number one.

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