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Emigration letter

Share on FacebookShare on WhatsAppShare on TelegramShare on X (Twitter)Sveriges nyaste historiepodd är lanserad, och den heter kort och gott Allmogen. I podden utforskar vi inte kungarnas, överhetens eller statens historia, utan allmogens – vår frihetliga svenska och nordiska historia. Du kommer bland annat få ta del […]

Sweden's newest historiepodd is launched, and it is called in short Allmogen.

In the podcast, we explore not the history of kings, sovereigns or states, but the history of the common people - our free Swedish and Nordic history. You will, among other things, get to read old letters from emigrants from the Emigration Investigation where they explain why they left Sweden for America, and depending on how much time I find in the future, we will also dive into interesting and instructive events from our history.

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Section 1: Emigration letter - J. S. born 1859 in Västernorrland County

In this first episode you will hear from J. S. who was born in 1859 and emigrated to America from Västernorrland County, where I also grew up.

Episode 2: Emigration letter - "It is the big boys, who corrupt Sweden"

In this episode, hear from E. J. T., who was born in the darkest forests of Småland and emigrated to America in 1902. Thanks to Jon Nylander from Småland who reads the letter, and thanks also to Erik Svansbo who plays a Småland polska for us at the end.

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In the podcast, just like here on, we follow the struggle of the Allmogens for freedom and a good life through the centuries. We remember their achievements. We value their quest. Now it's our fight.

We are the general public. We are many. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Count on us.

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